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The Triumph Owners Motor Cycle Club (TOMCC) is a motorcycle club for owners of Triumph Motorcycles based in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1949 in South London, the Club has expanded nationally to a membership of more than 5,000 members. The Club is open to owners of Triumph Motorcycles of all ages, including those built by the latest incarnation of the company, Triumph Motorcycles Ltd in Hinckley. The Club is affiliated to the ACU, the British Motorcyclists Federation, and Motorcycle Action Group. Presently, it has 43 regional branches spread throughout the UK. Members are also welcome from outside of Great Britain and are attached to the head office rather than any particular branch.

The Club organises social activities for members and publishes a monthly magazine, called Nacelle, which is dependent upon contributions from members and covers the whole spectrum of owning, riding and maintaining Triumph motorcycles from all eras. The Club offers a number of services, including discovery of manufacture date for individuals who wish to apply for an age related vehicle registration plate.

The Club is organised both on a national scale and on a local level through its many branches spread around the country. Each of the branches has its own local meetings where you can meet other Triumph Owners, and many of them organise their own Branch events complimenting the Nationally organised events.

Northants TOMCC

The first official meeting of the Northampton branch was held on 9th March 1977 and this was the Inaugural General Meeting. On looking at the minutes from that date, it appears that there had been a few informal meetings beforehand, but no records were kept of them. It doesn't say in the minutes where this meeting was held, but it is believed that it was at The Broadmead Pub in Northampton. The branch started with 24 members and a cash balance                                      of £5.64!
The first committee meeting was held on 25th March and, by then, the membership had jumped to 33 (by July it had reached 68) and the branch had outgrown its original venue. The first job of the committee was to find a new club room and this was to be the Golden Lion in Castle Street, Northampton. During the following years, various venues served as our HQ. After meeting at the George Inn in Wilby for a few years, we took residency at The Crown in June 2014, not far from the Triumph dealership in Wellingborough.

The branch celebrated a landmark anniversary in 2017, 40 years and still going strong. The AGM held in 2019 at a new venue The Crown Hardingstone, Northampton, was the 43rd convened! Besides showing healthy finances, the Club is now 161 members strong (as of nnn November 2021), with a core of about 30 riders joining many ride outs throughout with The Alternative Wrinklie Runs taking place. Mid-Weekdays . Other Trips include TRIFest around the UK. We enjoy the support of our local dealership, Pure Triumph Wellingborough,Thank You Kevin Lington, who graciously disseminates information about the Club and contributes financial help when required. Recently, the Club received from Pure Triumph the gift of two large banners sporting our new logo, redesigned in 2014, to be used with our gazebo at branch displays.
People come and go, but Northants TOMCC is a friendly Club that inspires loyalty, with many long-standing members. Join us for a pint and see for yourself!
A Big Welcome to all our new Lady Riders.
We now head into 2023 we Welcome ALL New and Interested Triumph Riders.

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