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Quiz Night - 3rd of February 2016

The yearly Quiz Night, organised this year by Chris Dickens who won it in 2015, was won by Sarge, with a very creditable score of 25 out of 33. However, the winner's cup, the Holly Piston, became the Not So Wholly Piston, abd even the Holey Piston, due a mishap by Phil Short! Some repairs needed then ;)

A few intrepid riders braved the cold and came with their bikes to The Crown. Bravo !

We also had the pleasure of getting the company of Trevor Warren, ex-Branch Chairman, who emigrated to France 10 years ago.

In fact, he is one of, not 1m not 2m, but 3 ex-Chairmen who have decided to livein France. Hopefully, we'll see them return for our 40th Anniversary in April 2017.

Pictures by John Gibbs

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