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Daventry 2015

What a difference the rain can make. Saturday was very much a damp squib, with a fine drizzle that not only plagued our enjoyment of the show, but had the unfortunate consequence of reducing drastically the amount of motorcycles turning up on the day. Compared with 2014, the parade this year probably had about a quarter of the number of bikes that did the ride into town. 
I arrived at the Cobblers car park to find Paul M already there and we waited for others to join us. With a lot of regulars already on a trip abroad, the two of us set off just after 9am and arrived at Bikers World 25 mn later.

We had some time on our hands so went for a browse around the shop, drank a coffee and chatted with various fellows bikers who had braved the rain and were waiting patiently to get the formation for the ride in ready. We left Bikers World around 10.15 am, with the usual from the police riders and blood runners who were stopping traffic at junctions to let us through. About 15 mn later and we were parking in the High Street, ready to go for our breakfast. Paul and I had an excellent Full English at Maria's Kitchen, off the High Street, then we went to inspect the bikes on display.

Kudos to the Honda Goldwing Trikes Club who had come up in force. The quality of the trike conversions was quite high for most bikes. Not sure I'd want to spend 20K on top of the 20K required to buy a GL1800, but each to their own! We saw a few Triumph, amongst which the "old girls" in the slideshow below were the highlight. The Hesketh owner's club also had a display, a reminder that the bikes used to be made in Towcester until a few years ago.

The stage erected at the midpoint of the High Street was occupied by "The Band With No Name", an excellent rockabilly style combo that entertained us for quite some time. Other bands were due to play but Paul and I left before we saw any of them. We left shortly before 1pm, the rain not having stopped a single second during the duration of our stay in Daventry. A real shame as, once again, the atmosphere was very friendly. Let's hope Daventry 2016 takes place on a bright and sunny day!

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(Pictures by Fran├žois)

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